A fruit of paradise, the wonder of Mediterranean and Aegean, the fig is full of antioxidant. Fig reduces the sugar digestion of the foods thus absorbing the sugar. Cardiological health, sore throat, acne, weight loss, and many more problems may be solved with this valuable and sacred fruit. We apply fumigation to the best and most qualified figs for them to be protected against insects and harmful external factors in our production facility with a quality control report at the organic dimensions. Thus, the products are prevented from being deformed and remain fresh in appropriate conditions to health. Our products are checked by our experts with ultraviolet light and risky products are removed. The products that pass the test are categorized to their sizes after going through the sifter. There is a classification from one to ten, and physically damaged products (crushed, rotten and torn) which do not conform to the standards of the facility are removed. After going through such processes, the figs are cleaned with salty water at hygienic conditions with the state-of-the-art equipment to eliminate foreign substance on them. Then drying process kicks in to bring the rate of humidity of the sterilized figs in compliance with the TSS41 standards. Then, such products are controlled for their TSS41 standards compliance by making analysis in the laboratory before dispatched to processing and packing department. Most beautiful ones are chosen during the processing and packing phase, and those offered as a sliced, whole and paste depending on the choice of our valuable customers.  

To get the most aesthetic appearance, our production team excels in special packing and offer lerida, garland, protoben, pullet, layer fig packaging based on your choiceof weight with our wide range of fig packing opportunities.



Size 1 1 kg maximum 40 pieces
Size 2 1 kg 41-45 pieces
Size 3 1 kg 46-50 pieces
Size 4 1 kg 51-55 pieces
Size 5 1 kg 56-60 pieces



1 Lerida  
2 Garland  
3 Pulled  
4 Protoben  
5 Baglama (connected)  



Total alive amount cfu / g < 50.000
Yeast cfu / g < 1.000
Mold cfu / g < 10.000
Coliform / 25 g absent
E-coli / 25 g absent
Salmonella / 25 g absent


Moisture % 23-26
Aflatoxin ppb absent