Firmino pushes the limit of the quality for customers and produces both conventional and organic products.Sometimes when the crop is not considered worth to process,Firmino prefers not to be in the market as far as organic products are concerned. It considers your valuable opinions and requests and packs them for your desire. As a company with the quality and safe food policy in the dry fruit export, we take pride in providing the best service with our expert food engineers working in the international organic food market and with our state-of-the-art facility having ISO 9001, ISO 22000, IFS, HACCP and HALAL Certificates. Analysis matters for Firmino. We maintain high-quality standards by preserving the analysis meticulously in our facilities. Because, we know that quality in dry fruit is not an assumption. For us, the quality is the products that are visible, hand-held and increase the palatal delight to the extremum point. That's why we maintain the highest quality standards. Earning the trust of our valuable and qualified customers is our another principle. Firmino is located in Izmir, a city of port, and a golden city of Aegean Region, the pearl of Turkey, as an organic region. We are happy to have the advantage of being close to the provinces of Aydın and Manisa, which are home to figs and grapes. We considerably protect the quality of our products during packing, storage and transport, and we are confident of our delicate work in what we serve. In short we do not sell what we do not eat!


We cultivate our products with the highest devotion in cooperation with organic manufacturers in Turkey under the supervision and control of our competent agricultural engineers.


Being Firmino organic,we do private labels, we can pack the products as per your specification from 12,5 kg bulk to retail packing of 250gr . Transparent retail containers, clear plastic glass containers, cellophane bags, wooden trays, transparent cover trays and any kg and gram to as per your choice, we can provide from İzmir/Mersin port.