Another season starts when the sun of the Fall shines on the side hills with a lesser burning effect. It is the joy of thevine-harvesting season. Now, it is time for our vine-growers to reap what they sow throughout the year. Like all births, the birth of grape is painful and exhausting. The story of the grape is more beautiful with the sweat, concern, worry, and joy. It takes workmanship and expertise to prune the vineyard. The purpose is to get more yield from the grape, but doing anything wrong may result negatively. You should be careful and expert on which fruit-bud and leaf to cut and which is not. We are able to handle these with our quality workmanship and craftsmanship. We organically sun-dry our grapes in cooperation with our expert vine-growers and agricultural engineers that studied on international scale.Our experienced experts do the analysis, calibration, color, quality, selection of our grapes that we dried in a controlled form in the natural sun environment at our production facilities, and we offer this beautiful fruit, a pearl of Mediterranean, to our valued customers according to your valuable considerations in appropriate packages.


Dried Sultana Raisins Sizes ;

Jumbo piece/100 gr < 200 pieces
Standart piece/100 gr 201-280 pieces
Medium piece/100 gr 281-380 pieces
Small piece/100 gr 381-500 pieces
Small Small piece/100 gr 501 >


Total alive cfu/g < 10.000 20.000
Total coliform cfu/g < 10 < 100
E-coli cfu/g absent absent
Salmenolle cfu/g absent absent
Listeria monocytogenes /25 g absent absent 
Mold /25 g < 5.000 < 10.000
Moisture /25 g < 5.000 < 10.000
Okratoksin ppb 5 10
Moisture % 15 16
Extra  adipose % 0.5 1
Sulfur ppb absent absent